Best body massage in pattaya

Sensational Outcall Massage Pattaya

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Best outcall massage and spa services in pattaya

GET the professional and best body massage in just one click by sitting at your hotel room or home and feel the best experience of authentic body massages in pattaya by our trained and beautiful therapist.

Best outcall massage in pattaya



Welcome to sensational outcall massage & spa, an expert outcall massage services in Pattaya. outcall massages pattaya provides you hotel massage services throughout Pattaya city & near by areas. Outcall massages pattaya provides you authentic massages at your own hotel room.

Get into the globe of fragrant massage therapy with outcall massages Pattaya. our services revitalizes your mind,body and soul. Outcall massages Pattaya provides you option to choose lady of your own choice from the wide range of beautiful ,young and premium girls. Our therapist are ready to serve you 24 x 7.the magical fingers of our beautifull therapist make your mind and body completely relax.

Outcall massages Pattaya is the most trending services which provides you complete relaxation at your own hotel room, home or condo with complete privacy. We have bunch of beautiful pattaya girls with experience of minimum 3 years in different types of body massages ,which makes your time more relaxing and unforgettable. Our professional and trained therapist use an extraordinary & remarkable massage to make you feel entirely relaxed with discreeted privacy as well as comfort of your hotel room or home.

Outcall massages Pattaya provides you different types of full body massages like- thai massage, oil massage ,aroma massage,balinese massage,couple massages,traditional foot and back massages.

Our outcall massage services are available through out Pattaya.areas including (jomtein,naklua,bang-lamung,east ,north and south Pattaya )our top priority is customer satisfaction.we are of the firm belief that the ideal location of a relaxing outcall massage and spa is in the warmth,safety and comfort of home.


sensational outcall massage is pattaya based outcall massage services,where beauti meets relaxation,redefining and raising standards of outcall massage services

"We define excellence by providing unparalleled personal care service in an environment filled with a caring and dedicated team."

With experienced therapists and a dynamic team we are dedicated to providing the community with professional & affordable spa services. Expect an uncompromising level of efficiency & quality in the array of spa treatments we provide. Every product & technique has been honed to deliver the best & most enjoyable experience possible.

Why Choose Us

Your relaxation, body and spirit - are our highest priorities. Visit us for the perfect relaxation.

Best Home spa in pattaya


The refreshing oils with skin care and fragrance are bound to relieve stress, relax, aid sleep, boost your energy or lift your mood.

Best outcall massage in pattaya


Get the total spa experience at your home our massage therapist arrives with sheets, lotions, oils and some awesome music.

Best outcall spa in pattaya


All professionals in the SHS are insured, and thoroughly vetted.You’ll always know exactly who is coming to your home. We give most importance to your privacy and thus all your information remains discreet, we never share your information to any third party company.

Best body spa in pattaya

Expert therapists

With the reputation of achieving a fantastic feedback from all our customers every therapist with us has a minimum 2 years of experience and they are trained by industry veterans, ensuring compassionate, healing touch.


Confused with what to choose? We have tried to explain you about the therapies.

Best body spa in pattaya

Traditional Thai Spa

It is a dry massage therapy that is performed using different compressing and stretching actions that are similar to those used in Yoga. Thai Massage can benefit almost every organ in your body. It does not use any oils or lotion. Instead it is performed using deep compressing, rhythmic pressing, and stretching actions.

Best Home spa in pattaya

Aroma Oil Therapy

It is a Swedish massage therapy using massage oil or lotion that contains essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils). During an aromatherapy massage, you inhale these essential oil molecules or absorb them through your skin.

Essential oils have been used for nearly 6,000 years, with the aim of improving a person's health or mood. Massaging the area where the oil is to be applied can boost circulation and increase absorption.

Best outcall massage in pattaya

Deep tissue Therapy With Aroma

During this the therapist concentrates on releasing specific chronic muscle tension as well as the muscular knots, or adhesions. Deep Tissue massage is a series of slow, specific and deliberate strokes and is best suited for postural deviances and abnormal muscle tone.

Best outcall spa in pattaya

Balinese Therapy

It is a full-body, deep-tissue, holistic treatment. Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and "qi" (energy) around your body, and bring a sense of wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation.

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SHS is proud to present some of the industry trained therapists with a good work experience.

Outcall massage therapist at sensational outcall massage pattaya
Outcall massage therapist at sensational outcall massage pattaya
Outcall massage therapist at sensational outcall massage pattaya
Outcall massage therapist at sensational outcall massage pattaya
Outcall massage therapist at sensational outcall massage pattaya
Outcall massage therapist at sensational outcall massage pattaya
Outcall massage therapist at sensational outcall massage pattaya
Outcall massage therapist at sensational outcall massage pattaya


We are open Day & Night for service but we prefer getting calls during working hours 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM for booking


Spa reception staff will be glad to advise you in person.

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